Friday, 25 April 2008

I'm still here!

And I haven't forgotten about showing you the button brooches I have been making either - just a bit busy! I'm going out for lunch to a play area with my friend Nicola and her little boy so that's why this is a short post - I've got to try and get another Cuteable post done before I go!

In other news I have joined the Gardening 365 group on Flickr - it's meant to be able to motivate me to do something with my gardens. Hmmmm we will see! Here's a piccie of my garden last September - it has been tidied up a bit but I quite like this overgrown look!

Be back later!

1 comment:

Tip Top said...

Oh them big headed flower things are fantastic!! Sorry, can't remember the name - I have some but they are not that impressive!!