Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I was hoping to get the giveaway done in the 201st post and today the weather has been beautiful and sunny so I could get the photographs taken. I said I had been making ATC's and here they are. They aren't up to the standard of Jenny Flower's but I like them all the same! I have shown them to people outside the family and they have been well received (if not being laughed at is well received!)

First the Cheeky Chicken ones - snorkelling!

Buying a new house!

Going sailing

At the beach

Swimming in the lake!

And in the countryside.

And next up the alien disco ones!

So what do you think? A little naive I think but then again I'm not the worlds best artist! So the giveaway - leave a comment saying which 2 ATC's you like best and then I will draw a winner on Saturday 26th April and you will win your favourites ATC's!

I've also been button brooch making but you'll have to wait until another day for that!!


ClaireP said...

ooo! mmm! i like them all....!
But if I HAD to choose;
chicken at the beach!
alien disco!
I love them :)

Tip Top said...

Love them!! One of my friends at school did me a disco bean picture - yours reminds me of that! Just love them all - they are very very funky!! Watch out for the chicken post on my blog - coming very soon!! The world needs to know about the chickens!!

twiggypeasticks said...

difficult to choose, they're all great, would have to say erm.... chicken snorkelling and alien disco - fabtastic !
twiggy x

Daisie said...

Cheeky Chicken snorkelling is by far the best, made me laugh out loud when you showed me! All he needs are some small goggles!!! Love them all, they're fab!! X

jennyflower said...

I like the new house and sailing best! ATCs.....fun aren't they!?

steve said...

I like the chicken snorkelling too!! But I like them all. We keep chickens so I have a liking for the chicken drawings best!!

Crystal Velvet Weddings said...

at the beach and new home.
Just because they are so you!!
A great start to ATC ing!

Bead Studio said...

I love the beach one and going sailing the best, but they are all fab!

eclectic works said...

Great Imagination! For being your first ATCs your doing very well!They are all great. My favorite are Cheeky Chicken Snorkelling and At the Beach...they gave me a giggle but in a good way :) Very imaginative and creative ATCs!


SewToBed said...

My favourite is "Buying a New House" - but maybe that's because we're trying to move ourselves!!

2nd fav is "Swimming in the lake" - so much what I like to do.

They are all really imaginative and so colourful

trashalou said...

These are sooo triffic it would be mean and evil to make a choice but hey! I work with small children, I know how to do mean and evil! Therefore I choose as my best and favourite chicken and the house and chicken in the boat.

I feel the chickens and the New Monkee Army over at Monkee Maker should pal up as allies - I feel a whole new wave of world domination sweeps before us!

Fearful Penguin said...

I'm probably too late but my favourites are the buying a new house and the chicken in the countryside ones! They are adorable! :)