Monday, 21 April 2008

200th post!

Gosh I talk a lot!! So this is the 200th post but I'm afraid there won't be a giveaway until the 201st or 202nd post as I haven't got any pictures of what I will be giving away! Hope that made sense?

Anyway, I haven't been here for a few days as we have been away at the in-laws for the weekend helping to organise the quiz to raise money for the church in their village. P and O seem to get the short straw and organise most things to do with the church where they live but they also enjoy participating in the quiz. Dilemma until Matt states that he will run the quiz and I went along as a helper/scorer. I got to sit and make some things while I was there too - mainly ATC's. I don't have any photo's yet of them or of the button brooches I have been making but I'm sure some will come soon.

I do have photographs of my organised magazine piles though (and my craft room is slowly getting there!)

And some of the fancy labels :)

Anyway - it's bedtime so I'd best be off! Night night x


Tip Top said...

OOhhhh! Love the boxes!! Labels are quite fab too!

Congratulations on hitting 200! May there be many many more!

Emmy CuppyCake said...

200 posts! WOW~ hey, i jsut wanted to say, nice website, (cuteable) and blog. ^__^ my blog is named cuteabel. lol. i got the idea from you. i hope u dont mind. it we such a cutename, i had to use it. ^__^ thanks.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Wow swirly - your drawing skills are coming on in leaps and bounds. Those labels are fab!! hehehe ;0)
Well done little swirly girls. You are obviously as creative as your mummy.
Can't wait to see the rest of the room. AS yours improves mine is going rapidly downhill again.

ClaireP said...

YAY! 200 posts. Congratulations!

Also well done on the organising so far. When you've finished would you like to do my tiny craft room? All my supplies are taking over the floor now!