Tuesday, 17 March 2009

7 things I learnt yesterday

1. That while 2 hours is just enough time to get up to the reservoir, round the reservoir and back in time to pick Anya up from school, 2 and a half hours would make it a much more pleasant experience!

2. That Tara loves the reservoir :)

3. That Tara doesn't like bananas that have become squashed underneath the camera in the bag and battered around on the walk and won't eat them - I did though!

4. That while my sheepskin lined grey boots are appropriate wear for shorter walks, a 3 mile super speedy walk in them leaves blisters on my heels - ouch. Time to dig out the walking boots I think!

5. That while most people are pleasant and say hello whilst out walking, some seem suspicious of a sweaty lady with red tights and inappropriate footwear - can't think why!

6. That wind turbines (or twirly twirlers as they are known in our house) can be quite beautiful.

7. That my mini envelope punch is perfect for holding my book open so I can read whilst chopping up chorizo and salami for tea!


Jennifer Rose said...

I think the wind turbines look cool when they are in huge groups of 30 or more. not sure why tho....

I don't like bananas that have become squashed either, but they are good to use for making cake with :D

Tweed Delights said...

Lovely pics - sounds like a great outing (and very educational - hehe!)

Clairep said...

I love wind turbines! I'm a big fan of renewable energy sources! but then i'm also a bit of a nerd :)

Tip Top said...