Monday, 2 March 2009

Mug swap part 2

Ok - I had pictures of the things I sent off to All About Eden for the mug swap but there is something wrong with the way I saved the images and they won't let me edit them. I really can't show them to you unedited either as they are very dark and dire!! Luckily Sara blogged about it herself so you can check out the goodies over there.

And to make you laugh here is a picture of me in some oversized sunglasses I got at the jumble sale the other day. As I wear prescription glasses I can't have these so they will be sold in my Anya's Attic etsy shop! Oh and ignore the mardy look on my face :)


Tip Top said...

hahahahah! You look like you should be in the Professionals hehehe!!

Ooty said...

=D I looooooooooooooooooove oversized sunglasses !!!!! Lucky me we (husband and I ) own several optic clinics =P so I tend to spend on daily contact when I want to wear these huge ones lol