Wednesday, 25 March 2009

In a funk

You know when you get to that stage and just don't want to do anything? Well that is me this week. I managed to go to Ikea and get some frames for all the artwork that will be going up in my craft room and I managed to frame them but the rest of the week has been out to be a bit plurgh - if you know what I mean! I have no motivation to do much other than tend to the family's daily needs. I will however post here a list of blogs I like to read - prompted by the lovely Vintage Niki. I mentioned on Twitter that I have lots of blogs in my google reader to read and Niki asked if I would share some so here they are!

They are in no particular order as I have them in various sections within the reader so they aren't even alphabetical!

A Cat Of Impossible Colour
A Thrifty Mrs
Elspeth Thompson
Skylark and Son
The Hermitage
The Little House By The Sea
The Toy Society
Thrift Candy
Art Mind
Blu Shed
Claire's Crafty Blog
Crafting in Colour
Curly Pops
Daisie Davies
Hens Teeth
Her Library Adventures
Iris and Lily
La Pomme
Lino Forest
Meet Me At Mikes
Mama and Jack
Miss Frugality
My Paper Crane
Natural Attrill
The World Of Twiggypeasticks
Tip Top Toppers
Tweed Thoughts
Tummy Mountain
Contemporary Embroidery
Dear Fii
Dog-Daisy Chains

This is only 41 of the blogs I read - there are another 245 in my blog reader. Eeeek!

And because a blog post isn't a blog post without a picture here is a summery top I got at the RSPCA charity shop the other day - it has beautiful swallows flying about on it! I got it with a gorgeous yellow linen skirt which will go perfectly with it when the weather warms up a bit!


Tip Top said...

Oh that top is lovely! And nice to see I'm in the top 41 hehehe!!

And its good to have a funk every now and again! So don't feel guilty - there is still Thursday and Friday!

Tweed Delights said...

Sympathies with your 'plurgh'! I have lots of days like that - family-life seems to take over sometimes. Fab post, featuring all these blogs, though - thanks for including mine : ) Cute top!

Jennifer Rose said...

lots of nice blogs to kill time at :)

amity ville boronia said...

I know what I'm going to do with my afternoon now!!

Tizzalicious said...

I'm just like you, I have SO many blogs in my reader! I am doing well with keeping up these days though :)

jennyflower said...

cor- very chuffed to make the list-sorry you aren't getting to feed your mojo monster. (Love the blouse though!) xx

twiggypeasticks said...

Thanks for including me in your list missus, lovely top. If you find your mojo, will you look for mine please :)
Twiggy x