Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Nice package!

No, not that kind of package :) The parcel kind that comes through the door delivered by the postman!

Look - it's pretty before I even opened it!

Even though I am de-stashing myself, I.COULD.NOT.RESIST this fabric! It's very me!

These cute buttons also jumped into my basket!

These buttons were included as a freebie - I already know what they will be used on :)

For your own fabulous buttons (and de-stashed fabric) then you must go and visit Mollimoo. Fabulous customer service too :D


Miss Val's Creations said...

These buttons are adorable!!!

Glamglass said...

Very pretty!! The whole lot!! I would have been sorry to open it!! LOL

twiggypeasticks said...

saucy, tis very pretty
twiggy x

june at noon said...

Always very nice to have a pretty package show up! Enjoy!

Chloe' said...

Sometimes i think i buy handmade just for the packaging! (^_^)

Chloe x

Mollimoo said...

Ooh, I've only just caught up on your blog since being on holiday! Thank you so much for the mention & kind words! I'm so very glad you were pleased with it all Xx