Sunday, 16 May 2010

Views from my chair

Warning - very messy craft room about to be shown!

I had my camera in the craft room the other day and thought I would take some photographs of what I can see from my chair at my sewing desk.

My sewing desk has been taken over by scissors, cups and a half made chicken.

This is the floor to my right - an overflowing recycling bin, a green bag of stuff for Ruth (already gone to it's new home), a ziplock bag of London Underground maps and some half finished business cards - oh and a bag of envelopes falling out of place from under the desk!

A bit further to the right. A green box of tag papers already cut out and waiting for their cardboard backs, a better picture of the half done business cards and some fabric which needs to be folded up and put back on the shelf.

The doorway - relatively clear by my standards!

Directly behind me is my other desk (supposed to be for all paper based projects but it mainly gets used for my mixed media artwork) with shelves that are full to the brim :)

To the right of the desk and on the floor. This is where the girls play hence the teddies. It's also where my two woollen blankets live as they don't fit onto my fabric shelves! They will be used in a project soon.

Directly to my left - damaged books waiting to be used, a basket full of zips and shelves holding my sewing stuff.

Up and to the left - my button jars and goodies, including some fabulously made things :)

And what I see when I am working!

I think I need to have a tidy up in here - guess what I will be doing Monday and Tuesday and possibly Wednesday too :)


Anonymous said...

well its not all on the floor, I can see things in jars and folded on shelves! boring women have tidy workrooms! I am knee deep in shards of glass and sawdust!

GiddyStuff said...

I am looking without shock and disgust, looks normal to me! I don't have a dedicated room and there is crafty stuff EVERYWHERE!

jax said...

Same as GiddyStuff! well you seem to know where everything is and you can sit on the chair, that's all that matters :)

WendyCarole said...

it looks as though you have been working hard. My room needs a sort too. John pointed to the box shelving he made for my fat quarters today and joked that is not as tidy as it sometimes its. That's because I have pulled stuff out to use. I replied. Its not an ornament you know I added.

Sometimes it gets too scruffy looking in here but most of the time its a working mess!

And you can never find things when its all tidied up worry about people with tidy workrooms.

Glassprimitif said...

I'm sorry Lynsey - I don't wish to boast but my studio is waaay messier than that. So messy that I dread cleaning it...
Nice to look at other people's workspace


Excellent. It makes me feel much better, although my workspace isn't too bad after a little re-organizing during the Easter hols. I do however have an ironing board that is a permanent fixture in the living room, I really do need one up here! I think that half my problem is that I always have more than one thing on the go!

june at noon said...

Love the jars of buttons and such, and the girls' play space. I have a little space like that near my crafty things too!

hannelore_cossins said...

Oh, just like mine. You are so honest to take pictures without tidying first. I admit I tidied before I put my room on my blog.

Tizzalicious said...

I love peeking into other peoples' craft rooms! :D

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe! And the two bags o stuff that made it to my house? Still sat where I left them (half unpacked) last Thursday evening!!!!!!

At least you have a craft room - I have a craft house!!!!!!

Lyn said...

Oh dear, work spaces do get messy don't they!

odd.sox said...

What a fabulous lot of creative mayhem! I can see a 'theothermousie' creation sitting on top of those jars too! x

tea and cake said...

well, I was going to say that you're not as untidy as me ... but, well - very nearly!
Hi, I found you via treefall, x