Thursday 29 March 2012

The numbers involved in skirt re-vamping

Bet you didn't know there were so many numbers involved in skirt re-vamping did you? Well there are!

The aforementioned skirt!

20 - the number of English pennies I had to spend to get this skirt (I know - bargain!)

16 1/2 - the amount (in cm) of fabric cut off the bottom of the skirt to transfer it from frumpy into nice :)

36 - the number of pins used to hem the new hemline

10 - the number of minutes needed to sew the new hemline as I had to keep stopping to remove pins!

less than 1cm - the seam allowance on the new hem hence why I needed so many pins!

8 - the number of pincushion chickens I can make from the piece of offcut fabric :)

39 - the number of business cards I can make from that same offcut.

5 - the number of twirls needed to determine that the skirt is now the right length!

2 - the number of skirts left to shorten  :D

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Tuesday 27 March 2012

More cards

I am making up a wholesale order at the moment and needed to make some cards. I didn't want to make them all the same i.e. my flower cards so I thought up some new ones using the stickers that I sell :)

What do you reckon?

Saturday 24 March 2012


Image from We Heart It

I can't be the only one who is mightily annoyed at the new word verification on blogger. The number of times I have given up after trying to type out the two words multiple times! So I figured if I was struggling then others might be too. So I have switched the word verification off BUT your comments will now have to be moderated so it might take a while for them to show up on the site :) Also, did you know that there is a new spam filter on blogger? I didn't and found that two genuine comments had been put into my spam folder - so check your spam filter regularly. I found it by accident as I didn't realise it was there.

Right so who is going to be first and leave me a comment to see if I've set this up correctly?

Friday 23 March 2012

New things in my hallway

As well as putting up new shelves in Anyas room at the weekend we hung some pictures in the hallway. One we have had for over a year but the rest came from the big jumble sale in February so again having them up just a mere month after we bought them is good!

I also tidied up the book area which is just underneath these pictures - it looks better now and works which is always good!

The two pink roofed houses next to the big bookcase are perfect for smaller books :) I'd been looking for a house shaped bookcase for a while and knew that these ones would have to come home with me when I spotted them for £2 in a charity shop :)

The book corner! The pink chair used to be mine when I was a little girl and the large cushions are there temporarily until we find a decent rug for that space.

Although we will have to add a lot more pictures soon as we bought a boxful at the auction yesterday!

Thursday 22 March 2012

My Creative Space

I have been multitasking today and have been buying things at the auction for Anyas Attic but while there I have been sewing chickens for a wholesale order for Swirlyarts.

Who says you can't multi-task! I have my coat on as it is bloody freezing in there - even at the height of summer apparently!

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Tuesday 20 March 2012

Busy weekend

We had such a busy and productive weekend and the Spring weather is on the way so we spent an awful lot of time outside too which was nice. The girls are getting much more confident on their scooters so we are hoping this summer to tackle bikes without stabilisers! One of the jobs we did tackle was more storage for Anyas ever increasing book collection, and we actually started and finished a job in one day which is not like us at all!!

Ta Da! Anya has a high bed and this space here just had pictures hanging which can easily go somewhere else - and book shelves are always useful in this house :)

And here is her bed complete with cushion from Auntie Sarah, her reading light, her white book box which was crammed full of books and was threatening to fall off and of course, Bozo Bear!

She had great fun arranging all of her books into order.

And although she has plenty of proper bookmarks, like me she ends up using whatever is to hand.

Lolly sticks, random bits off a cereal packet and some of my crafting materials! I'm surprised there isn't a tissue in there too :)

Friday 16 March 2012

This book was surely written for us!

It had to come home with us from the charity shop the other day :)

Although our stairs are pretty tidy at the moment. And yes, that is tidy as there are only a couple of trips needed to clear it. Normally to clear the stairs, we play a game called Wicked Stepmother, where I am the aforementioned Stepmother who bosses two Cindereallas around. And yes it still works even though they are 8 and 5 :)

Thursday 15 March 2012

Stamps in the bath :)

My Creative Space today is all about postage stamps :)

I bought a job lot of them in Oxfam in Harrogate and I normally soak them off in the sink but there are lots of them so the bath it is.

I have to get them all soaked today really so that the girls can have a bath tonight......

There are rather a lot of them though!! I will be using them come Christmas (!) to make more postage stamp tree cards :)

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Wednesday 14 March 2012

Pretty wallpaper

This wallpaper has been saved from some wallpaper samples books from the scrapstore. Most of the wallpaper I collect gets used to cover the fronts of jiffy envelopes to re-use them again but some is just too pretty for that. This wallpaper (and the pile underneath it) are waiting patiently for the day when we re-do our bedroom. We have been in this house nearly 10 years and none of the rooms (bar the bathroom and study) have been decorated/changed to our tastes. We are doing the front room and dining room this year (hopefully) so our bedroom is a long way off but the wallpaper can wait patiently!

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Books I want (right now please!)

And these are only the home deco ones........

As you can see I took the images off Amazon (other booksellers are available) If I was on my computer (Colin is still at the computer hospital but with something completely different to to what was said at PC World!) I would have edited out the 'click to look inside' text. But I'm on this computer which keeps having hissy fits and shutting down without any warning. Fun when you are in the middle of writing an important email, Cuteable post, had opened lots of tabs etc...... Not!

Sunday 11 March 2012

Hamish and Terence together :)

I don't think I have shared this photograph before of Hamish McPlaid and Terence Tweed D'Arby looking deep into each others eyes but I sent it off to Saltaire Arts Trail as one of my 'please choose me' images and it must have helped as they chose me! Anyway that ramble was to say that SAT have a new website and this year you can take a look at images of the makers work and decide who you would really like to see when you come and visit. Obviously mine will be up there as a must do (!) but the new look website is great and I will be browsing the pictures to see who I must go and see this year :)

Saturday 10 March 2012

New things

I'm finally getting on with my resolution to start listing some of the things I have hanging around in my Flickr account - they can't sell if they aren't in a shop can they?

Snoopy stickers

Honey Bee upcycled notebook
Dotty Delights notecards

This is just the start and there are many, many more but I have started a new system of organising my work that worked really well yesterday so we will see if I can continue being organised :) Oh and by the way does anyone else use picnik in Flickr to edit photographs and if so what are you going to use once picnik goes?

Friday 9 March 2012


A quick blog post to show you what I did the other day :)

Some individual cards and some wordy flower card sets. I'm starting to get ready for Saltaire :)

Thursday 8 March 2012

Pesky blankets!

I don't know about you but there are times when I'm walking round charity shops/fabric shops etc* and things just jump into my arms. It can't just be me can it? Today it was the turn of these pesky blankets who jumped into my arms, prised open my purse and handed 6 English pounds over to the man behind the till :D They were encouraged by my friend Susan but they did it all of their own volition - honest!! They are single bed sized and will be perfect for snuggling under and draping artfully over my chairs!

They go perfectly with my new chair don't they?

Tara is very pleased with them!
*substitute for your own preferences