Monday, 16 December 2013

Corners of my house

I'm pretty sure I've seen this type of feature on other peoples blogs but it didn't register at the time as to whose blog so if you do know then let me know :)

So the 'corner' of my house that I am featuring today is my mantelpiece. I'd dusted it the other day and thought I would capture the cleanness of it all :)

You may have guessed that I collect a lot of kitsch (tat as it is sometime called by my loved ones!) and glittery deer and ceramic dogs are just part of that.

As are glittery flamingoes and little pots with ceramic squirrel and deer on.

And there it is in all it's glory :)

Do you have a favourite 'corner' of your home? If so share it and let me know in the comments!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

52 weeks, 52 books - part 10 and 11

Well my September reading was atrocious but the past two months have been better :) Apologies for no update last month but CL prep got in the way!

This was a very good book and if I see any others by George Mann then I will pick them up. It's set in Victorian England and features a tortured detective and his kickass (for the time anyway) female assistant. A good story that was well paced throughout.

Itch Rocks is the sequel to Itch which I read in January and re-read before reading this (I'm not counting the re-read) Again it's another good story but I do wonder how much more action/trouble Itch can get into as a regular teenage boy! I'd still re the next one if/when it comes out.

This is a book that Anya read as part of her school book club so I pinched it too as she gave very good updates/cliff hangers as she was reading it! I enjoyed it and although it was a childrens book I didn't see the end coming.

This book has been on my book shelf for many years but I only got round to reading it in October. I loved it and will be getting my hands on the film version soon. I gave it to Anya to read but she has such a vivid imagination and tends to read before bed that she put it down and is saving it for the holidays when she can read through the day!

I read this book last year and then in a fit of madness gave it to the charity shop in one of my clean ups. When I saw it again in a different charity shop I knew I had to buy another copy. I love this book and will save it to give to Anya when she hits her teens (it's really that good and funny!) I will also lend it out to friends as everyone should read it even if you don't consider yourself a feminist. Keep an eye out in charity shops for this one :)

48/52 :) I'm currently on track for completing 52 books this year so fingers crossed I get there!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

I have to stop giving excuses and just type :)

Yep still here! Still making although it does involve boring house sewing (repairing bed sheets anyone?) rather than chicken making! The Country Living Fair didn't quite go as planned and I was very disappointed with a) the organisation and b) the footfall of the hall we were in. But I'm not dwelling on the negatives and at least I tried :) And as the wonderful Neil Gaiman says

And also (because I'm being a bit zen today)

Well as zen as I can be when faced with a trip to the cinema with 8 girls aged between 7-10 and then for a meal afterwards :)