Sunday 28 February 2010


Nom nom - last night Matt cooked tea and it was yummy. We had Swedish Hash for our main course which is basically onion and leftover boiled potatoes fried up with some breadcrumbs and leftover meat. Matt used two sausages and 3 slices of bacon that we had left over from this week. Oh and and a fried egg on top. It was delicious! No photographs of it though but I'm sure you can imagine what it looked like!

Matt also rustled up an apple crumble with some apples that were slightly past their best and wrinkly! He uses weetabix in the topping too so it is extra yummy!

As you can see we all thought it was delicious!

The girls looking cute - sorry I couldn't resist posting this photo!

Thursday 25 February 2010

My Creative Space

This morning has all been about finishing this little guy off.

He is a custom order pincushion/paperweight for a very lovely lady and her daughter - the fabric they chose is ace and is one that has been in my stash for a while!

The rest of my day (in between hoovering, cleaning, sorting washing etc) will be to get these cheeky chappies listed in my various shops! The fabrics I've used in these comes from Lu Summers and is hand printed and fabulous to work with.

For more creative spacers check out Kootoyoo.

Oooooh and while I remember, I am on 197 sales in my Etsy shop and whoever buys the 200th item will get extra goodies as it is a big sales target! Just thought I'd let you know in case you were thinking of buying things ;)

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Some sale things!

All got in the £3 bag unless otherwise stated!

Soup bowls - I love the deep blue colour. I actually got 5 of these.

Pink cute Arthur Wood vase/urn thingy!

A chicken - no more needs to be said :) Although Anya did confuse a lady when the lady said 'Of course you don't get green chickens' and Anya replied 'Well my Mummy makes green chickens!' The lady did look confused!

A gorgeous pale pink and turquoise Poole pottery teapot.

Some little bits and bobs for the what nots in my craft room.

A fabulous dish - not sure if it is ovenproof but I will find out later this week :)

A fabulous flask - love the little spout :) I have to check to see that it works before taking it to craft fairs with yummy fruity tea in it.

Apparently Matt said no very loudly when I picked this board up but I didn't hear him - lalalala! It has been used as a paintbrush resting place so it's not going to be used for chopping here but I have the perfect place in my kitchen to hang it instead.

A cute house cross stitch for the craft room.

Some funky ties to craft with.

A fab pvc shopping bag.

Some black shoes that remind me of tap shoes although they don't tap. These were 50p on half price Friday.

Some fab red patent shoes :)

Some comfy red shoes!

Some white ballet shoes - not sure what for but I couldn't resist! 10p on half price Friday.

And a set of these 3 'school dinner' plates - one green, one red and one yellow. Minus the food obviously - this was Tara's lunch yesterday!

And these weren't from the sale but a birthday gift from my mum and dad! I'd spotted them in a charity shop before Christmas with my mum and she braved a nasty snowstorm to go back up and get them for me!! The patterns are fab :) More sale things once they have been washed and dried.

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Buns and a picture

Just strawberry buns I'm afraid - no buns of steel around here!

They look yummy but don't taste quite as yummy! I don't think I cooked them for long enough and maybe strawberries aren't meant to go into buns. The plate is from the jumble sale but from 2009.

This picture above is from the sale this year - a lovely watercolour painted in 1965. We have no idea where but it look like an Italian scene to me (having never been to Italy!)

This is my favourite bit - I would love to live in that house peeking over the tops of the trees to look down at the sea.

And in breaking news - the bags at the sale have gone up. It now costs £3 to fill a black bag! Still a great bargain though :) I am taking photographs of my bric a brac items this morning so I should be back soon with some more goodies!

Monday 22 February 2010

Snowed in!

Haha - we were snowed in at my mums yesterday in Yorkshire (we could have got out in the late afternoon but the girls aren't at school today an I cancelled a meeting so it didn't matter too much) The girls loved having an extra day with Nana and Grandad and they were pretty thrilled too :) We have just got back and so I am sorting out the piles of stuff we got at the jumble sale - washing machine ago go! I'll be back as soon as the clothes, fabric and bric a brac have been washed and sorted :)

Sunday 21 February 2010

Vote for me?

I know I have only recently asked you to vote for me in the Shorty Awards but I would be grateful if you could cast a vote for your favourite love/heart item over at the Crafting in Colour blog. You honestly don't have to vote for me (any vote will help to boost the CIC team!) but if you feel so inclined then I won't mind!

Love chick is entry number 1 :)

Saturday 20 February 2010

The day has arrived!!!!!!!!!!

For the annual jumble sale (also known as rummage sales in other parts of the world) in my mum and dads town :) It happens every February half term and runs from Wednesday to Saturday. Wednesday and Thursday are full price day and Friday is half price day. All very exciting so far but the Saturday (today!!!!) is the exciting day. You can fill a bag (a black bin bag no less) for £2. Yep for 2 whole English pounds I get to fill a big black bin bag with all sorts of stuff - bric a brac, dresses, fabric, books and anything else I can carry! Of course I never just leave with one bag full - there is always room for lots of black bin bags full of second hand stuff in my house.

If you want to have a little nosey at what I got last year then check out Jumble Sale part 1 and Jumble sale part 2!

Friday 19 February 2010

A little fish

We searched high and low over Disneyland Paris for this little fellow and we couldn't find him. Imagine our delight when we spotted him on the Channel Tunnel back to the UK!

Haven't spotted him yet?

There he is! Just a little Disney themed fish joke. Feel free to ignore if you have no clue what I am rambling about :)

Thursday 18 February 2010

Rainbows and ironing

A nice pile of rainbow coloured fabric taken off a display hanger.

The said hanger with the fabric removed - the threads left behind make a very pleasing pattern - it's a bit tricky to see in the photograph but trust me it is pretty!

And actual ironing has taken place in my house today. Fabric ironing for crafty projects you understand and not the ironing you are supposed to do to your clothes!

Those little piles of fabric are destined to be made into pincushion chickens if I get off my backside and get sewing this afternoon - it's only 1pm here so there is hope yet :)

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Wednesday 17 February 2010


Back from an exciting break in Disneyland Paris. Cold but fun :) I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with some photographs to bore you all!

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Shorty awards

I'm sure you remember me bleating on about the Shorty Awards and how I had got to 2nd place? Well when the polls closed I was actually 1st! It's a pity that craft wasn't an official category but if it was I'm sure I would have needed more than 13 votes to be top :) The screenshot was taken as soon as I hit 1st as I was sure I wouldn't be there for long hence the difference in votes!

Monday 15 February 2010

More from Britains Next Top Chicken model

Well the last few chickens have decided on their agencies today - you can check them out below. The agencies aren't open at the moment due to half term holidays (and chickens need their rest too!) but rest assured that the chickens will be back there after their well earned break!

This chick can be found here (she has chosen a different agency to the other chicks!)

This flowery chick has decided to break away from her twin and go to a different agency.

And this brightly coloured chicken has decided that her fate lies with this agency.

Lets hope the models don't come back with too much of a tan!

Sunday 14 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day!

A treat for me from Anya :) Made at school.

A card for all of us also made at school.

This message is the cutest! And I love her cursive writing (and the fact that school are teaching her to write cursively).

Enjoy your time with your loved ones today :)

Saturday 13 February 2010

Remember this?

The collection of items I had for My Creative Space on the 4th Feb? Well this is what they were turned into!

Some rather cool (in my opinion!) recycled notebooks :) The top one has already sold but the bottom lady with her orange skirt is still available. She's not in a shop yet but will be soon :)

I also made this one for the same lady that ordered the first pattern notebook. It's made from reclaimed book covers and has reclaimed paper inside too. The book covers come from the charity shops I visit (one in particular) and I buy them because they are damaged in some way - some have damaged covers, some have missing pages etc. All parts of the books get used (if they aren't damaged) and I use the pages to make envelopes or gift tags and the covers become notebooks - waste not want not in this house! The reclaimed paper is from the scrapstore and can be plain paper that companies no longer need or headed paper if they have changed their details etc.

Friday 12 February 2010

Sunshine craft

I managed to grab an hour or so yesterday afternoon to craft a little (once I had tidied the tip up!) I finished off some envelopes that had been sitting waiting to be packed for a few weeks!

I crafted on the girls table and it was very nice sitting in the afternoon sun! Day 32 of Crafting 365.

Thursday 11 February 2010

My creative space

What I would love to be doing today is re-arranging my craft room to make room for these two fabulous creatures that arrived this morning.

Long 'Stretch' Johnson who hails from the Cirque de Chaussettes.

And The Mad Catter who hails from The Other Mousie. Both are the creations of the lovely Sarah and as soon as I have more money I will be back to bring some of Mr Johnsons friends over from the circus!

However what I will be doing is tidying this little mess up in preparation for making some more envelopes later!

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