Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Hee hee!

I should be sewing some eyes onto a chicken but I found some more of those owl videos on You Tube!! I'll keep posting more if I get stuck for a blog post :)


Be warned it is a very picture heavy post!!

This is Diggerland from the air - well to be precise the Sky Shuttle which goes about 61 ft into the air. I liked sitting at the edge and looking straight down :) This is Diggerland in County Durham by the way so it might differ from ones you have been to before.

And this is the Sky Shuttle - great fun!

Here we are enjoying the train ride that is pulled by a dump truck. I'm laughing in this one because the train went over lots of bumpy ground and I was trying to stop my boobs wobbling!

Matt and Anya on the Bobcats (not sure that's the correct name but everyone else was calling them that!). This was one of Matt's favourites as you could drive through really thick mud.

Hooking a duck using a digger isn't easy!

Anya loved driving the dump trucks so much that she persuaded Matt that she could drive by herself - and she did!

Matt didn't get to have all the fun - here's me and Anya digging in the mud!

Photo of the tractors for Tara - she loves Bob the Builder and this tractor looks just like Travis.

Matt was a little dissapointed you couldn't have a go in this but he liked going on the JCB pictured below. Anya loved it too but it was a bit bouncy for me - I'm a wuss nowadays!

While we were out mucking about in all the mud, this is what Tara was doing. We'll make a little lady out of her yet!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Blog feature

Yeah - I have been featured on another blog. This time it is on Kae1 Crafts and Kae1 Supplies - a fellow Eco Etsy team member. I was feature with these badges as it was the nearest thing that Kae had found to the topic she had posted about (koala's eat eucalyptus leaves you see!)

And what a great topic - did you know that if you rub eucalyptus oil on the balls of your feet it stops you coughing? Neither did I but I'm going to try it for Tara who has a horrendous cough at the minute. Thanks Kae!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

This is......

....show off time!! Ok I admit that I had to think hard about this one but I have decided to show you something I have made very recently that I am proud of. The lovely Ruth gave me a push and asked me to make some peg bags for her and I did. Here they are!

The first one is made from some curtains I got a little while back at the charity shop - Matt said he would prefer it if I didn't hang them up so I used the fabric instead!

This second one is made from fabric from Ikea - I love the bright colours (which look a little subdued here) and I made sure I bought lots of it!

Oh and I'm also proud of the fact that Matt and I made nearly 10 litres of apple juice today - no photo's so you will just have to imagine it. I just need to whizz down the blackcurrants and raspberries we picked yesterday to add to it and then it can all go into the freezer to keep us in juice for a little while :)

Saturday, 27 September 2008


Yeah - another treasury! This time featuring some of my cards :) It's the set of 3 cards if you aren't sure!

Thanks Nifty Knits! By the way Nifty Knits has a saucier Etsy shop called Naughty Knits which has some great knitted rude things in so go and check it out :)


This is where I will be today - yippeeeeee!

I'm gonna be playing on some diggers :) More photo's when we get back :)

Friday, 26 September 2008

Bundles of badges

If you read the Craft Forum then you will have already seen this first picture of badges but I thought I would also share the close up pictures of the ones I have listed so far. I have managed to list 8 sets so far so there are 6 sets left to list. They are available in my Etsy shop, some are in my Folksy shop and the rest are in my Dawanda shop!

So if you are in the market for badges handmade from vintage children's Peter and Jane books then head over to the shops!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Dentist and bargains!

So I went for a trip to the dentist today which wasn't very exciting for me although Tara got to play in the playroom so she was pleased! I also visited Only Foals and Horses charity shop as it is just across the road - shame not to really! Here's what I got.

This jumper is made of really fluffy mohair and it might be too itchy to wear but we will see! I can picture myself wearing it with my denim skirt, boots and coloured tights in winter time.

Even though this is much too big for the girls I had to buy it as it still has the tags on and is brand new!! It would have cost about £20 but I got it for £2 :)

The photo is atrocious but it is a dark blue velvet military style jacket from Principles - posh me!! It'll be used when I'm wearing jeans or denim on my bottom half instead of the denim jacket I usually wear. It's a bit too Status Quo with all denim you see!

Lovely thick cardigan for the girls - it might fit Anya but it's a bit of a strange shape.

Books of course and the obligatory pattern!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

On my desk....on a Wednesday

Phew Wednesday has come round quickly again!! Here is what is on my 'desk' today. My desk again today is my coffee table as I was waiting for the gas man to come and had to stay downstairs but he has been and gone now.

I have lots of things to do today including making a pile of 28 badges into little badge sets and getting them listed in my shops! You can see the badges at the top of the table in the little pot.

I also have lots of gift tags to make with this pile of repurposed cardboard and damaged books. You can see some paint chip ones there already finished.

I also have a custom chicken to make and a peg bag with the rather delicious fabric at the top there. Busy busy but my Cuteable posts for today are done and I might have a chance at getting a lot of it done :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Pattern madness!

I'm feeling much better now - thanks for the well wishes. A tiny snooze (Tara wouldn't sleep so I got about 10 mins before she was back up!) and several lots of painkillers have got rid of it. Fingers crossed it doesn't come back overnight as migraines tend to do with me :)

Anyway I have had lots and lost of luck with patterns recently and this past week was no exception. Take a look at these little beauties! For 25p each they had to come home with me.

I suppose now I really have to learn how to sew from a pattern don't I seeing as I have about 40 of the buggers :)


Migraine - yuck. And staring at a screen isn't helping. I may be back later but if not then I will be back tomorrow hopefully :)

Monday, 22 September 2008

Gift tags galore!

I've been busy making git tags for the vast majority of this weekend although I have made several badge sets too (more about that in another post!) I've been making them to send off to Little Silver Box which is a UK version of Little Black Box (US) and Little Purple Box (Canada). Basically gift boxes are made up and sold at craft fairs and directly through the site. I have looked into various US based box schemes like this but was thrilled when I saw a UK version - I'm still going to do the US versions but probably not until next month. So here are the tags I sent off.

They look quite good all together don't they!