Saturday, 6 September 2008

Avast me hearties!

No I've not gone mad - I've just made a card for Joshua whose party we are going to this afternoon! I used two fabulous pirate toppers from my good friend Ruth at Tip Top Toppers and finished it off with a pirate sticker from my stash.

And here are some photographs of the pillowcases I got at the charity shop yesterday.

These are the bright ones that are still in their original packaging - chickens I think!

This one is for a special project but I'm not telling you what it is until I make it! Then I don't put pressure on myself to make it as it'll sit in my to do pile for a few months at least!

I got 4 of these diamond ones and again they will be used for chickens I think!

I got 2 of these embroidered pillowcases too and they will be used for the same purpose as the frilly edged one. God I love charity shops!!


Natalie said...

Love the Pirate card! I am so with you on the charity shop thing. Have just had two amazing days here in Stokesley at the charity shops. They all put their clothing on BOGOF so I went looking for items I could cut up for the fabric! I will probably blog about it after our workmen have been and gone! Nat X

Tip Top said...

The pirate card looks fab!! And defo chickens - can't wait to see them!!

Amanda said...

I love the pirate card! It made me smile. :D

Missa said...

Those pillowcases are adorable and thankyou for reminding me that I need to thrift some for The Duck! ;)