Friday, 5 September 2008

Thrifty goodness!

Well I was due to go to the accountants this morning to drop off paperwork etc and on the way back I was going to go to Rawtenstall and call in at the charity shops there. However, it turns out that I didn't need to go to the accountant today (probably next week instead) so instead of Rawtenstall I went to Bacup and Todmorden. Bacup has 3 charity shops and I only went there as I had spied a new RSPCA one a coupe of weeks ago when driving through. That was dissapointing but the church ones just up the road were good. I got some fabulous pillowcases (2 were still in their original packaging and bright yellow and orange!) and the sewing goodies seen below.

The buttons are to make more button rings with for the craft fair which is coming up soon and I couldn't resist the bag full of thread! The bias binding I have in mind for a project so it's legitimate crafting spending :)

I then trundled through to Todmorden to have a look around. Tormorden is a much more affluent town than the normal places I go and you could tell walking round the charity shops there. And I got a fabulous Betty Jackson Studio wrap dress for £6! A similar dress is £80 online! I haven't got a photograph of it so I'll wait until I'm wearing it and you can see it then.

I grabbed a few books (surprise surprise!) and also a cute little hand knitted jumper for Tara. I find loads of baby knitted items but I can never find bigger girls stuff so when I see some I always grab it. It's in a lovely peach colour and has some button detail on the back - cute!

Tara also got a book and a little dog - she inisted that I take a photo!

On Tuesday I also got chance to pop into one charity shop that I rarely go into as it is quite a way out of town. We were in the car anyway and Tara wanted to go - honest! Well I am very glad I went as I got some wonderful patterns for 5p each. Yep 5p each! The woman tried to persuade me to take the whole box but I really didn't need any dodgy 80's and 90's patterns. I stuck to the dodgy 70's ones instead!

These are only a few of the large pile - the rest can be seen on my Flickr page!


Tip Top said...

Oh wow!!!! I think I'm coming with you next time!!

CurlyPops said...

Ooooh I love dodgy 70's patterns!