Thursday 24 July 2014

Finishing off

Remember when I learnt a new craft back in July 2012? It was making toothbrush rugs and I learned how to make them from the lovely Christine. This is where I left off two years ago.

If I read back it had got to a magnificent 37cms!

I go to a monthly knit and natter group although as I have nothing to do with the dark art of yarn twiddling I do still go and take sewing/rug making along with me. The photo above is of how far I was on the 8th of this month.

This is Anya helping me in the park on the day of the teacher strike. Coincidently we met up with Christine and her daughters (as well as another friend *waves at Rachel*) so they were all helping out too.

And here is my other helper - he has claimed it as his rug! Luckily he is a small dog so he could sleep on it as I was making it and I could still turn it!

And this is it today! I'm using some techniques from the art of yarn twiddling to block this rug as it was starting to look more like a basket (useful for the dog but not so much for me!) I'm blocking it by wetting it thoroughly and then pinning it at intervals to the carpet so it stretches out into the shape it's meant to be. This is the second wetting and I just need it to dry overnight so that I can repin and get it in the proper shape tomorrow. I haven't measured it again so I don't know how big it is but I'm pleased with it for my first attempt :)

Anything crafty happening in your neck of the woods?

Friday 11 July 2014

A book, a pretty little book

A very pretty book don't you agree? Lets have a look through the pages.

Ooooooh this page looks very interesting. Upcyced bubble mailers? Hang on a minute - lets have a closer look at the name at the top.....

Oh yes, that's me!! As you might have guessed from this long winded post, one of my tutorials has been featured in this book :)

See, a pretty picture too of my nursery rhyme bubble mailer.

The book was published in October last year and I forgot about it until I found the letter about it when I was tidying up the craft room recently - doh!!

So, how are you all?? I feel like I have been away from here for ages but it's been lass than a month!