Wednesday, 18 June 2014


There's floor! And a desk that is usable when the fabric is moved!

And you'll have to imagine this but the stairs up to the top floor are also clear! This is because my mum and dad are coming to stay for a couple of days and they need to sleep in the study (which is also tidy!)
Speaking of mum and dad, I'd better go and clean the kitchen a bit before they get here!

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Going to the craft room and I'm going to get tidying....

Sing the title of this blog post to this tune.

I've finally made it back up to the craft room after leaving it to itself for a few months (depression/lack of motivation etc) It feels good to be back in there but goodness me it was a mess!

This is the space in front of my desk.

This is the doorway (I am aware that you are meant to go through doors!)

This is a pile to be sorted - a mixture of packaging and stock.

At least I have an eager helper!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Cool sculpture/use of a dead tree

During half term we went to stay with my mum and dad in Ripon - here we are going out for a pre bedtime walk :)

This tree is in Spa Gardens and has been transformed into an Alice in Wonderland themed sculpture. Lewis Carroll was said to have gathered some inspiration for his book from visits to Ripon Cathedral when his father was a cannon.

Cheshire Cat and The Queen of Hearts

My mum (she wasn't in the book!)

More characters

It's very cool to look at and find the characters :) Well I certainly enjoyed it! There's also something satisfying taking your children to places you played as a child and watching them climb the exact same trees!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Taking stock 2

The delightful Pip is taking stock so I thought I would join in. I've done it before and it's fun!

Making : Mending an eiderdown and continuing with the hexipuff quilt
Cooking : Nothing today as it's pasta carbonara for tea but lasagne tomorrow
Drinking : Tea
Reading: Lots of Tumblr/blog posts and Nemesis by Jo Nesbo
Wanting: To sleep better
Looking: At the lush greenery of the park outside my window
Playing: Screwball Scramble with the girls (99p in the charity shop!)
Deciding: What to do for Tara's party
Wishing: I could get motivated
Enjoying: My tidy bedroom
Waiting: For the rest of my house to be tidy/sorted (not gonna happen any time soon!)
Liking: Knowing people who 'get' me
Wondering: What desserts to take to a dedication at the weekend
Loving: My family (little and extended) who are all ace
Pondering: What direction to take Swirlyarts in
Considering: If to get some asparagus plants
Watching: This video by James - great song and very moving video
Hoping: That the girls uniforms will still fit for another few weeks
Marvelling: At how fab the girls are :)
Needing: Not a lot right now
Smelling: My perfume
Wearing: Clashing patterns as usual
Following: My own brand of fashion darhlink :)
Noticing: People's shoes more often (no idea why!)
Knowing: That I will get better soon (depression)
Thinking: A lot
Feeling: Hopeful and fairly content
Admiring: Strong people who know who they are
Sorting: Yet more stuff out for the charity shops
Buying: Too many books from charity shops as usual
Getting: Distracted easily
Bookmarking: Lots of things on Pinterest
Disliking: Judgemental people
Opening: Too many biscuit packets
Giggling: At stupid things Matt says and knowing that no-one else would understand!
Feeling: Ok
Snacking: See opening above!
Coveting: A new tattoo
Wishing: For  a magic wand to waft over my house to sort it all out!
Helping: A friend sort her garden out
Hearing: Dogs barking in the park

Also coveting these shoes!

Bye for now :)