Monday, 31 May 2010

Not a card maker

For a lady who doesn't make cards I seem to have been making an extraordinary amount of them recently!

5 more of my vintage button flower cards. The flowers are punched from catalogues etc that are then sent to be recycled and are jazzed up with a healthy number of vintage buttons. The bottom one is my favourite.

I bought 3 tubs of paper buttons last year on Etsy and have been trying to come up with a way to use them on my gift tags that doesn't look stupid - I haven't succeeded yet! I did however come up with a way to use them on cards. What do you think? Perfect for button lovers - I'll be keeping them all to myself then!!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Red and Green should never been seen

except with something in between. Do you remember that rhyme? Well I say sod the rhyme!

Red skirt and green cardigan worked well for me the other day and was balanced nicely (I like to think) with my bright yellow shoes :)

100% thrifted outfit.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Thrifty goodness

I took a mum from nursery charity shop shopping on Wednesday as she had never been before and when I heard this I exclaimed that I was the person to reveal the love of thrift to her :) Luckily she agreed and didn't think I was a mad woman! I'm pleased to report that she loved it and came away with 3 tops ready for summer. I also got a few things - how could I not! Apologies for slightly dodgy photo's - I was in a rush to go and get Bumble from the garage as the guy had to be off before 4.45. We got there at 4.35 :)

Two new belts. My current red one is knackered so this quilted one will fill it's place quite nicely :) And I couldn't turn down a bit of yellow! Yellow - £1, red one £2.49

Nice bright dress! £4.50

Pale pink t-shirt (with a campervan!) £1

Shoes! I LOVE the yellow ones :) They are Dolcis ones, hardly worn and cost me £2. The other ones are Hush Puppy and have matching flower detail on the heel and they look brand new. These were £6.99 which is a bit much for me but I reasoned that they look a lot like some shoes I had seen over at Gudrun Sjoden which were £95 so I figured that £6.99 wasn't too bad after all!

And this skirt which I couldn't get a decent full picture of at all. It is going to be christened my Minnie Mouse skirt! £3.50

I have put together an outfit with the skirt and the yellow shoes but my camera battery has died so I will reveal that tomorrow :)

P.S. I put the prices on my blog to remind myself how much I paid for the items - not to show off that I found a bargain (although that does come into it a bit!)

Thursday, 27 May 2010

My Creative Space

Involves some fabric and a rather sparse description/picture of what need to be done!

12.23pm - I have to add that I have finished the item and need to now see it works for it's intended purpose. I can't do that until this evening but I will let you know if it works!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


To say I'm not a card maker I seem to make quite a few cards! The ones I make though are usually made of recycled materials and are very limited edition due to the nature of the materials used. I do sell quite a few at craft fairs so maybe I should start selling them online too. Anyway, these are the latest ones I made yesterday after making Tara's invitations.

These are made from an old pair of curtains. I used as much of the fabric as I could to make Tara a book bag but there wasn't enough to make Anya a book bag too. I used the hearts from it to make Love Chick and salvaged the rest of the fabric to add interest to skirts etc. The rest of the bits have been sitting on my crafty table for a good few months now!

The idea came to me yesterday after making Tara's invites - add them to some cards! I'm pleased with the results and they are nice and bright. I would sell them maybe as a set of 5 - what do you think? And do you think they would sell online? Oh and they are 100% repurposed as the card backs are from the scrapstore!

Edited to add - they are now for sale here, here and here.

Monday, 24 May 2010


In just one months time my littlest girl will be 4. How on earth did that happen? I have been making the invitations today using up what I have available (I'm slowly reducing the stash!)

A small card with cupcake fabric sewn on and an added button for a little bit extra :) It will be a small party the afternoon of her party so I only need 7 or so of these.

The cupcake fabric is from an old pj top. I split the bottoms (beyond repair) and then managed to cut a hole in the top. I decided that they were destined not to be used as pj's again so reclaimed the fabric. I'm off to sew up the other few I need :)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Flea market finds

I'm joining in with Flea Market Finds over at Her Library Adventures today!

I found this trio of vintage tupperware egg cups at the charity shop the other day. I love them and their bright colours :)

They were destined for the house but I think they look much more at home in Bumble - don't you think so too? They are made of plastic too so they won't get battered by bumping around in Bumbles cupboard. Alas, there are 4 of us and only 3 egg cups. I wonder if my dad will let us pinch his yellow one he has at home? If not I will have to keep my beady eyes peeled!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Ah to be young again!

And play in a paddling pool in your knickers and vest!

Hoping no one else in the UK was melting like us today. I think us Brits always moan about the weather - it's too cold then the minute we get a bit of heat, ahhhhhh, it's too hot!!

Friday, 21 May 2010

My new scarf!

It's hardly the weather for a scarf but that is what the flutterby fabrics from yesterday were always destined to become!

The pink, white and red linen work really well together and I do love the print.

I backed the scarf with some navy and white paisley type fabric from my stash which originally came from a charity shop.

And this is a blurry photograph to show you what it looks like on. Ignore the bed hair, pajama's and small child - it was 7.20am after all!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

My creative space

I had a request last night via Folksy to ask if I had a particular place in the Lake District available for some of my Lake district map badges. Yes I did and so I have been making badges today!

I'm always pleased when I can help someone get just the right gift that they want :)

I have also been playing with these gorgeous 'Flutterby' fabrics from Greenolive. I won them via Martines blog last year and they have been waiting for me to do something with them - and it is something just for me! Hopefully more tomorrow :)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Nice package!

No, not that kind of package :) The parcel kind that comes through the door delivered by the postman!

Look - it's pretty before I even opened it!

Even though I am de-stashing myself, I.COULD.NOT.RESIST this fabric! It's very me!

These cute buttons also jumped into my basket!

These buttons were included as a freebie - I already know what they will be used on :)

For your own fabulous buttons (and de-stashed fabric) then you must go and visit Mollimoo. Fabulous customer service too :D

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Surgery day

One dear member of our family, Mr Bozo Bear, needs 'surgery' because he is loved and snuggled so much :)

Awaiting the op

The big tear in his back

Smaller holes in the back of his neck (you can see he has been sewn many, many times before)

Sustenance for the surgeon :D

And he is now recovering 'post-surgery' with a snooze in Anya's bed awaiting her return from school. There will be one happy girl later :)

Monday, 17 May 2010

What I'm doing today

Not tidying as you may have thought after yesterdays pictures!

I'm cutting out lots of these - new chickens soon hopefully!

Trying to do some things on this ever growing list

And wishing I was doing something with these gorgeous thrifted threads. Patience, Lynsey, patience!