Thursday, 27 February 2014

Jumble sales rock!

If you are friends with me on Facebook then you will know that last weekend was our annual trip to the jumble sale. It's on for a few days but Saturday is the day to visit as it's 'fill a black bin bag for £4' day. I remember when it used to be £1 a bag but that was a fair while ago :) I got two bags and Matt got two bags - both full of stuff! I'm not going to show everything (most is still waiting to be washed/sorted) but imagine jumpers, dresses, skirts, hats, scarves, plates, books, bric a brac, toys, bespoke suits that fit perfectly (oh yes!) belts, braces (for me - I'm channelling Dr Who!) shoes, pillowcases, linens etc.

Two things that I got that filled up half of one bag (works out at about 40p per item) were these two bed items. The top one is a handmade patchwork single duvet cover. It needs a bit of mending but I am going to use it to turn into another cheat quilt.

I love the fact that they used different weight fabrics and it's a bit wonky :) Will be perfect for snuggling under as the other cheat quilt was relegated to a chair cover!

And I am so pleased I decided to pick this up - it's a vintage feather filled quilt (what I would call an eiderdown) It's a gorgeous coral colour on one side and a salmon colour on the other and it's so soft. It too needs repairing but I'm thinking that some new patches of Liberty fabric would look fantastic. It is destined for use in Taz and as I'm staying in Taz for BCTF in April I'd better get a move on repairing it!