Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Taking stock 2

The delightful Pip is taking stock so I thought I would join in. I've done it before and it's fun!

Making : Mending an eiderdown and continuing with the hexipuff quilt
Cooking : Nothing today as it's pasta carbonara for tea but lasagne tomorrow
Drinking : Tea
Reading: Lots of Tumblr/blog posts and Nemesis by Jo Nesbo
Wanting: To sleep better
Looking: At the lush greenery of the park outside my window
Playing: Screwball Scramble with the girls (99p in the charity shop!)
Deciding: What to do for Tara's party
Wishing: I could get motivated
Enjoying: My tidy bedroom
Waiting: For the rest of my house to be tidy/sorted (not gonna happen any time soon!)
Liking: Knowing people who 'get' me
Wondering: What desserts to take to a dedication at the weekend
Loving: My family (little and extended) who are all ace
Pondering: What direction to take Swirlyarts in
Considering: If to get some asparagus plants
Watching: This video by James - great song and very moving video
Hoping: That the girls uniforms will still fit for another few weeks
Marvelling: At how fab the girls are :)
Needing: Not a lot right now
Smelling: My perfume
Wearing: Clashing patterns as usual
Following: My own brand of fashion darhlink :)
Noticing: People's shoes more often (no idea why!)
Knowing: That I will get better soon (depression)
Thinking: A lot
Feeling: Hopeful and fairly content
Admiring: Strong people who know who they are
Sorting: Yet more stuff out for the charity shops
Buying: Too many books from charity shops as usual
Getting: Distracted easily
Bookmarking: Lots of things on Pinterest
Disliking: Judgemental people
Opening: Too many biscuit packets
Giggling: At stupid things Matt says and knowing that no-one else would understand!
Feeling: Ok
Snacking: See opening above!
Coveting: A new tattoo
Wishing: For  a magic wand to waft over my house to sort it all out!
Helping: A friend sort her garden out
Hearing: Dogs barking in the park

Also coveting these shoes!

Bye for now :)

1 comment:

louisa said...

"Wishing: I could get motivated"

"Pondering: What direction to take [our businesses] in"

...sounds somewhat familiar!

Glad nearly all the rest sounds super positive though.