Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Better post today

well sort of anyway!! I've been up to some exciting things today with my Dad but the photo's aren't sorted yet so I can't show you. Actually it's probably not at all exciting to you but it is to me :) Anyway in the lack of exciting news I just have to tell you about an exchange I heard this morning between two mums on the walk back from school.

Mum 1 - Well I just can't get her up in the morning.
Mum 2 - What time are you getting her up?
Mum 1 - 8 o'clock
Mum 2 - Well what time does she go to bed?
Mum 1 - Oh she's in bed at 10pm but often doesn't get to sleep until 11ish.
Mum 2 - Well I wonder why she doesn't want to get up then (being completely serious!)

Me - Slack jawed and thinking 'Well I can tell you exactly why she doesn't want to get up at 8am!!' But I kept my mouth shut and kept walking :)


Daisie said...

I don't stay up til 11, OMG!!!
I am well and truly in the early to bed brigade, everyone asleep by half seven (sometimes me too)!

Natalie said...

Some people are on a different planet aren't they! I knew a Mum once who complained about the opposite problem. Her sons woke her up at 5am. When I asked her what time she put them to bed she said 6:30 at the latest! When I told her that mine (aged 4&5 at the time) didn't go to bed until 7:30 she tutted as if I were a bad mother! God knows what she'd think of me now if she knew the elder two sat up watching friends until 9pm, LOL!

Tip Top said...

Oh dear!! My two are in bed (not asleep though!) by 7:30ish as I don't always get home until 6ish and they are still up at anything after 5am!!!

Still, gives me crafting time so not really complaining!!