Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Pattern madness!

I'm feeling much better now - thanks for the well wishes. A tiny snooze (Tara wouldn't sleep so I got about 10 mins before she was back up!) and several lots of painkillers have got rid of it. Fingers crossed it doesn't come back overnight as migraines tend to do with me :)

Anyway I have had lots and lost of luck with patterns recently and this past week was no exception. Take a look at these little beauties! For 25p each they had to come home with me.

I suppose now I really have to learn how to sew from a pattern don't I seeing as I have about 40 of the buggers :)


fern said...

Love the pattern for the trousers. Perfect for the disembodied man in your life!

London Mummy said...

What a jammy find for those patterns. Love the pintucked blouse and dress and the little pinafore dress :)

nikkishell said...

Cute patterns, particularly love the Butterick blouse.

Anonymous said...

I love all your patterns. I think the sizing of vintage patterns is interesting. I just picked up a bunch at my grandmother's house. I noticed that I'm a much larger dress size on an older pattern. Thank you also for your kind comments on Crafty Daisies. I've decided to forgo the ring holders and use some small, pretty relish bowls instead. I'll let you know how the fair goes.