Monday, 22 September 2008

Gift tags galore!

I've been busy making git tags for the vast majority of this weekend although I have made several badge sets too (more about that in another post!) I've been making them to send off to Little Silver Box which is a UK version of Little Black Box (US) and Little Purple Box (Canada). Basically gift boxes are made up and sold at craft fairs and directly through the site. I have looked into various US based box schemes like this but was thrilled when I saw a UK version - I'm still going to do the US versions but probably not until next month. So here are the tags I sent off.

They look quite good all together don't they!


Sarah J. said...

Those tags are totally adorable :)

The Little Purple Box, eh? Never heard of them before. Will have to check it out!

Tip Top said...

Awwww!! Hope they all get good homes!