Wednesday, 24 September 2008

On my desk....on a Wednesday

Phew Wednesday has come round quickly again!! Here is what is on my 'desk' today. My desk again today is my coffee table as I was waiting for the gas man to come and had to stay downstairs but he has been and gone now.

I have lots of things to do today including making a pile of 28 badges into little badge sets and getting them listed in my shops! You can see the badges at the top of the table in the little pot.

I also have lots of gift tags to make with this pile of repurposed cardboard and damaged books. You can see some paint chip ones there already finished.

I also have a custom chicken to make and a peg bag with the rather delicious fabric at the top there. Busy busy but my Cuteable posts for today are done and I might have a chance at getting a lot of it done :)

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Tip Top said...

OOOhhhhhhhhh!! Very delicious fabric!! Hmmm, wonder who that would be for??!!!