Thursday, 4 September 2008

If you were wondering what happened to me running.....

...then I can tell you that I really hurt my knees a while back doing it i.e couldn't walk without a stick hurt my knees - that was fun!! So after a few days of not being able to walk I went to see the doctor (something I do very rarely) and he told me that I was too unfit and overweight (nice!) to be doing that much exercise and that I needed to build up the strength in my knees by walking for a couple of months and go from there. So that's what I am doing - with a little bit of prompting from this wonderful blog* - and I'm hoping to be back to jogging sometime in the next couple of months. Good job too as I really enjoyed it and the sense of achievement when I ran for 9 whole minutes was fantastic. So expect more posts soon boring you with my walking routes!

I just have to share this picture I took the other day - I really like it!

Bye for now - I'll be back tomorrow with some new things I've been working on.

*They have started a routine of walking everyday which is something I can't do but I can go a few times a week. They are hoping to turn it into a habit!


Tip Top said...

And before you know it you'll be doing marathons. And mars bars hehehehehe!!!

Twiggy said...

Good on you on the new regime, I've got a dodgy knee at the moment, too old and too much cake I reckon :) lovely photo, would make a terrific card.
Twiggy x