Thursday, 25 September 2008

Dentist and bargains!

So I went for a trip to the dentist today which wasn't very exciting for me although Tara got to play in the playroom so she was pleased! I also visited Only Foals and Horses charity shop as it is just across the road - shame not to really! Here's what I got.

This jumper is made of really fluffy mohair and it might be too itchy to wear but we will see! I can picture myself wearing it with my denim skirt, boots and coloured tights in winter time.

Even though this is much too big for the girls I had to buy it as it still has the tags on and is brand new!! It would have cost about £20 but I got it for £2 :)

The photo is atrocious but it is a dark blue velvet military style jacket from Principles - posh me!! It'll be used when I'm wearing jeans or denim on my bottom half instead of the denim jacket I usually wear. It's a bit too Status Quo with all denim you see!

Lovely thick cardigan for the girls - it might fit Anya but it's a bit of a strange shape.

Books of course and the obligatory pattern!


Anonymous said...

ahhh yes... i know exactly that feeling about going into charity shops.. it's like..."well, I'm here now, I might as well have a look..." heheh

Lindsey said...

That's it!!
Decision made!

Do I go and sew or go into town and hit the charity shops?

You've decided for me.

Back soon...

...and if I don't get anything as good as you I'll be cross :o(

(hee hee)

Natalie said...

Ha ha, a fellow sufferer of OCTD! Obsessive Compulsive Thrift Disorder! I had mine under control until recently but then the girls went back to school and I started headin' for the town again!

Tip Top said...

Good trip to the dentist then??!!