Thursday, 12 December 2013

52 weeks, 52 books - part 10 and 11

Well my September reading was atrocious but the past two months have been better :) Apologies for no update last month but CL prep got in the way!

This was a very good book and if I see any others by George Mann then I will pick them up. It's set in Victorian England and features a tortured detective and his kickass (for the time anyway) female assistant. A good story that was well paced throughout.

Itch Rocks is the sequel to Itch which I read in January and re-read before reading this (I'm not counting the re-read) Again it's another good story but I do wonder how much more action/trouble Itch can get into as a regular teenage boy! I'd still re the next one if/when it comes out.

This is a book that Anya read as part of her school book club so I pinched it too as she gave very good updates/cliff hangers as she was reading it! I enjoyed it and although it was a childrens book I didn't see the end coming.

This book has been on my book shelf for many years but I only got round to reading it in October. I loved it and will be getting my hands on the film version soon. I gave it to Anya to read but she has such a vivid imagination and tends to read before bed that she put it down and is saving it for the holidays when she can read through the day!

I read this book last year and then in a fit of madness gave it to the charity shop in one of my clean ups. When I saw it again in a different charity shop I knew I had to buy another copy. I love this book and will save it to give to Anya when she hits her teens (it's really that good and funny!) I will also lend it out to friends as everyone should read it even if you don't consider yourself a feminist. Keep an eye out in charity shops for this one :)

48/52 :) I'm currently on track for completing 52 books this year so fingers crossed I get there!

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dawn said...

Aww George used to be my boss when I worked in a bookstore, he gave me my job, lovely guy, glad you liked his book :)