Monday, 16 December 2013

Corners of my house

I'm pretty sure I've seen this type of feature on other peoples blogs but it didn't register at the time as to whose blog so if you do know then let me know :)

So the 'corner' of my house that I am featuring today is my mantelpiece. I'd dusted it the other day and thought I would capture the cleanness of it all :)

You may have guessed that I collect a lot of kitsch (tat as it is sometime called by my loved ones!) and glittery deer and ceramic dogs are just part of that.

As are glittery flamingoes and little pots with ceramic squirrel and deer on.

And there it is in all it's glory :)

Do you have a favourite 'corner' of your home? If so share it and let me know in the comments!

1 comment:

Tip Top said...

Ha! I did some dusting - yesterday actually before I put the tree up! And the telly was so full of dust that I ran out of dusters. So will have to do my mantelpeice another time!