Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Here I am!

It just struck me that some people visiting this blog, especially those coming via Blogtoberfest *waves* might not know exactly where to find me online other than this blog. So I thought I would tell you all :) If you know all of this already then feel free to ignore me and go about your daily business!

Selling wise (which I will get out of the way first), you can find me on Etsy and also Folksy selling my upcycled treasures. I also have a range of chicken doorstops on Dorothy and Theodore - the fabrics used there are exclusive to them (in doorstop versions)

I also have a vintage shop online called Anya's Attic after our elder daughter! It sells lots of different things and is crying out to have the gorgeous things I found in France over the summer added to it. I just need extra hours in the day!

I am an avid Tweeter and am nearing 25,000 tweets! Erm, maybe that's where I can gain my extra hours from! I also have a Facebook business page, which I resisted at first, but now I love it :) You can find me too on Flickr, Linkedin and I also run Cuteable which is sometimes a chore yet at other times I find it thrilling to be looking at and finding all the cute out there.

My favourite thing at the moment (and something else I resisted) is Pinterest. It's fan-dabby-dozy and I love that I have somewhere to store all the great things I come across on the internet.

Like this cool tree.

And this yummy bread

And things that make me drool like this chair :)

So, where do you hang out online?
Do you have a Twitter or Pinterest addiction like me?
Are questions at the end of blog posts annoying or do they encourage you to comment?

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Silver Moss Jewellery said...

I quite like questions at the end of posts and they do encourage me to comment ;-)

Thanks for the run-down of where you live online. I'm not on Facebook myself, but do love Pinterest - just could spend hours and hours on it! I tweet a bit too, but not too much ;-)

Not sure if I can put links in to my twitter and pinterest in your comments so I won't be cheeky and I'll will leave them out :-)