Saturday, 20 October 2012

What I made yesterday

The fair yesterday was good in terms of what I made - not as good in terms of sales but lots of business cards were handed out. Here's what I made.

A batch of 4 chickens with their zips sewn in.

A batch of 3 chickens, also had their zips sewn in.

And I took apart some button rings (an old product that were just languishing in the sale basket) and used them to make a button chicken. Aptly his name is Ringo :)

If you see the sales fairy then send her my way as I'm back in Nelson today and tomorrow!


Daisie said...

Today will be better x

VintageVicki said...

Hope today and tomorrow are busier :)

I do love your chickens :)

AliceAndFlorence said...

Love your button chicken! Good luck with the fair

Wendy x

Larissa said...

Oh ... my ... word - those chickens are fabulous! I love them!

Nic said...

I hope you had a better day today!! The chickens are fab though.