Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Photo time :)

Today I took some products to have their photos taken (with me) for local newspapers as a press release for an event I am doing.

Here they are awaiting their photo!

Alas the photographer ran off before she got to me - she used people in the photo from her home town and that wasn't Burnley! I did however, get my photo taken by the people organising the event and more info about me will be up on their blog and Facebook page soon.

This is the quite fab brochure for the event :) Nice isn't it.

I got a photo next to my entry and because my photo is the only one in the middle, it should garner attention! Or that's what I'm hoping anyway!


Daisie said...

ooooh, that looks posh, can't wait to see mine!! x

Tip Top said...

OOOhhh! And I agree, fab poster for the event!

Tip Top said...

PS would look good as a book cover!