Saturday, 13 October 2012

My day in drinks

I've been inspired by the article in The Simple Things called My Day in Cups of Tea :) Although I don't actually drink that much tea it seems so I've taken pictures of my drinks throughout the day. Exciting huh?!

This was taken at breakfast, and yes, our table is always that messy :) The tea is cranberry, raspberry and elderflower.

The next two cups were taken while I was reading last weeks Week magazine and then while checking  Facebook. This tea was made in my teapot and is Strawberry and Kiwi :)

This is the teapot and the aforementioned tea.

This is my tomato soup at lunchtime - whilst watching ER.

And this is my strawberry water, also at lunchtime.

And this Pepsi Max was drunk when the girls were having tea and I was cutting out envelopes in my pile. Matt was out so we ate tea later!

I also had another strawberry water while chopping out the last of my envelopes but I didn't get a picture!

Now don't tell me that wasn't riveting! :D

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moonstruckcreations said...

I am really enjoying the new magazine too.

Good to see you had such healthy choices in tea - not too much caffeine!