Monday, 1 October 2012

So, it's the first of October and it's the start of Blogtoberfest :)

If you don't know, then the idea of Blogtoberfest is to blog something every day for the whole month of October. I managed it last year so fingers crossed I will this year too! I will have to do a bit of scheduling as my sister is getting married on Friday (eeeek!!) and we will be away for a few days but I'm sure I can manage that. I've actually planned out some things to share with you which is very unlike me as I usually like to wing it!

Today the girls decided that they would like to help me cook tea so Tara is stirring the chicken and Anya is chopping cucumber, radishes and tomatoes for the salad. Anya did all of it herself (except cutting the chicken) and has decided that she wants to make more meals all by herself - and I'm obviously going to let her!

And this is what we ate - chicken thighs cooked with spring onions with a little bit of mayo added at the end on top of a jacket potato with salad on the side :) It was delicious!

If you want to join in with Blogtoberfest then you can by visiting the sign up page here and you don't even have to start today - you can join in at any time during the month!


Matthew Searle said...

Yay girls!

You can cook more when I come home this week as well :)

Matthew Searle said...

Yay, girls!

Glad to see you are taking care of Mum while I'm away :) I might even have to bring you a present back for being so helpful....

Tweed Delights said...

That looks yummy! Your girls can come and visit anytime, hehe :)

How exciting to have a wedding - great fun!

Tip Top said...

Send her over!

And have a great time on Friday!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

that looks really good :)