Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Creative Space

This morning I spent time setting up my stall at The Ace Centre in Nelson. It was actually nice to be able to set it up the day before the fair and not be worrying about opening times and getting ready before the customers come round! I took my camera along and decided to show you my setting up routine.

This is the 'I've lugged everything out of the car' shot. Everything gets dumped on my table when setting up even though I have to take it all off to actually get started! I still do it every time though!

The table cloth stage. The lump underneath the cloth to the right is normally bigger than this but I forgot the wire basket that goes underneath. I improvised with a wicker basket that wasn't being used :)

The pincushion/paperweight chickens and the gift tags are usually the first things to be put on the table as they don't often move from that set location. It gives height and means that the chickens are seen from lots of different angles too.

The screwdriver often has to come out to steady my doorstop chicken rack. *Note to self, look for a new one online......*

I haven't yet made any of the new notebooks I'm been promising for a while so there are none to display here, and the old ones are half price in the sale basket, so there is more room on the table. Here the large envelopes, chicken doorstops and cards are out.

And this is everything out - badges, bunting, mini envelopes and stickers.

My stickers are now displayed in this wooden box I got in the charity shop for £1 and it works well as I can get all of my sticker sets out at once. Hopefully customers will think so too!

And the old adage about knowing your customers well? This box should bring local people to my stall! Well that's what I'm hoping anyway and it will help me shift some old stock.

I'm really not sure how this fair will go as it's in a town not famed for it's love of craft - I can only try though and it's not far from home and I work while behind my stall so..... It's a 3 day event over the weekend and Mary Portas is due to be visiting Nelson on Saturday so the organisers are hoping she will pop in. She is in town as Nelson is one of her pilot towns and the fair is advertised on her website so fingers crossed :) The fair is in The Ace Centre and the Victory Centre and both are in Nelson so do pop along if you live nearby!

Joining in with Creative Spaces today.


veronica said...

Good luck and I hope you sell up.

Daisie said...

This is good, it means you can help me in the 'headlessflapdance'!!

That's the spot I was in last time, hope you have loads of success there.

See you in the morning x

AliceAndFlorence said...

Good luck. Enjoyed the setting up photos. Your stall looks great, lots of lovely goodies for people to look at and buy!