Monday, 19 March 2007


Well the trip to Goa was fantastic. Not as much fabric as I would have liked - there were lots of finished items rather than the materials to buy. I still managed to buy some things though! Scary drivers in Goa - you give way to traffic coming onto the roundabout rather than the traffic on the roundabout. I was scared stiff as we hurtled towards a busy roundabout outside the capital when there was loads of traffic on it. Motorbikes are popular too in Goa but it's funny to see the drivers wearing helmets but not the passengers - usually wives with huge bags of shopping! They also ride side saddle which must make balancing pretty difficult. Here's a piccie of some of the traffic in Panjim.

Here's a picture of the beach we stayed overnight at - the sunset was amazing. Our little party was the only one there so only 20 or so people along a lovely stretch of beach.

Here's the tent we stayed in on the beach - more like a hotel room than a tent! It had beds, dressing table and even a separate bathroom - luxury indeed!

Me inside the tent - it even had rugs on the floor!

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