Saturday, 7 July 2007

Competiton results!!!!

There are actually 2 winners because Anya pulled two names out of the hat and wouldn't put one back!! Lucky I've made more than one isn't it! Drumroll please.......................the winners are Anice and Sally F! Well done! Sorry to those who didn't win but I will be having more competitions!

Here's a sneaky peek of what you have won although these are photo's taken when the chickens aren't finished. They still need eyes and stuffing with rice. They are baby versions of cheeky chicken and are designed to be used as paperweights although you could use them for doorstops if you have tiny doors :)
Please can you get in touch with your details please so I can send the chickens on to you.

Here's what else I have been busy with today. Anya is going to two birthday parties tomorrow and I thought it was high time I made some of the presents instead of buying them. So I wanted to make something that 4 year old girls would like and that wouldn't be too hard to make. So I ended up with these - baking sets.

As you can see I made one for Emily and I made one also for Mia. The bags are just simple drawstring bags that have an Ikea child's baking set in (complete with mini rolling pin and trays!) and recipe cards. I also made aprons (which I am very proud of) with the girls names on. I'm also going to put some of these onto Tuggle I think and I'll see how they sell.


Anice said...

Thank you Anya for picking out my name!! Wow I am so excited..can't wait! Swirly I have PM'd you on the forum with my details. xxx

Anonymous said...

What sweet gifts you've made :)