Saturday, 13 December 2008

Boring title

I honestly have no idea what to write for a title so the one written will have to do. I reached that pppffffffff (read can't be arsed) stage yesterday with the house being a tip, plumbers in and out and not having a decent bathroom. My creativity has gone out of the window (the one that the plumbers insist having open!) along with my motivation so I have closed all my shops for the Christmas holidays. To be honest I don't think people would be ordering things now so I have decided to take a break from it all - yes it does happen occasionally! The shops will be opened again in the new year with some items offered on sale as I won't be continuing with some lines in the shops. I'll hopefully get a chance to revamp photo's and generally have a decent clear up of all the shops. We are going away for the holidays next Sat so have presents to wrap, clothes to wash and a house to try and rescue from the dust and muck this week.

I will be posting a few things this week but then once we go on holiday I won't be back until the new year - hopefully feeling refreshed!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you get your house back to yourself soon! I hate having workmen in, I find it so invasive! I hope you all have a lovely relaxing Christmas.
Best Wishes,

Tweed Thoughts said...

Feel a bit the same myself and I haven't even had the plumbers in! Think you've done great keeping up with everything - don't know how you do it!

Unknown said...

Get yourself refreshed and have Merry Christmas .
Clare's Craftroom

Tip Top said...

Have a good well earned break (both of you!) and you'll be back up to full creativity before you know it!