Monday, 22 June 2009

Dawanda promotion

I re-opened my Dawanda store just in time! There is a huge promotion going on over there at the moment - it's called the Discovery Sale and basically you get 15% off in a shop if you haven't shopped there before - only if the shops are participating that is. I'm one of the many, many shops participating so go and check me out if you haven't shopped with me on Dawanda before! Did I mention that it's 15% off everything in my store?

Here are some pictures of the goodies that are in my shop and therefore have 15% off!

Some transport gift tags

Some fairy tales gift tags

Gertrude the chicken doorstop

Some colourful cheeky chicken gift tags

And a groovy alien disco Aceo - with free shipping on my aceos!

The sale runs until Sunday 28th June.


Jen said...

Cute tags!!

Tweed Thoughts said...

Great selection - loving these little transport tags, what little boy (or girl!) wouldn't love them :)