Thursday, 24 October 2013

New card stand

I found a wonderful shop last week that supplies second hand shop fittings for sale - a dream to look round and I know where to look when I get my book shop/cafe/craft shop*

So back in the real world I actually went to buy two old stock trolleys (the kind you see with 3 sides in the supermarket/large shops that hold, well, stock!) I figured that as I only have 15mins/half an hour to unload all of my stock/furniture when I go to Country Living, anything that would speed up the process would be good. However, they are very large (duh!) and very heavy so I need to pull all of my jigsaw acumen/inherited Searle packing skills together to get them into Taz along with my large cupboard!

While I was there I also found a couple of pieces of furniture that will look good on my stall - one is undergoing a transformation (more on that later) and one is the card stand you see below.

Ignore the terrible photographs please! This card stand started out life as a book stand for a school book corner and we used to have one exactly like it when I went to school :) It doesn't stand up on it's own and will be going on the wall of my stand.

And here is my artistic director deciding on how to arrange my cards to make sure they look their best - we decided that less is more :) Anya has been super helpful this week and is really enjoying helping me revamp the other piece of furniture I got at the shop fitters :)



dropstitch said...

Good dream! Do it! We'll come on holiday south of the border just to visit for a crafty cup of tea :)

WendyCarole said...

Very nice stand. Long ago when I first met DH he said he thought that a bookshop with coffee shop and some of my crafty bits would be a great idea. That was just a dream and the coffee in bookshops got nicked by big book seller chains