Monday, 1 September 2014

Garden update

This is the harvest from my garden today.

The tomatoes grew very well and had loads of flowers but only a few tomatoes appeared :( Next year they will go into the greenhouse! I think those are the last two raspberries but I said that a few weeks ago! And the one courgette plant I still have (the other 3 were attacked by slugs) is going great guns. The squash have a couple of flowers on and the cabbages seem to be going in the right direction. I've harvested one pot of potatoes which gave us two meals and will be doing the other pots I have over the next few weeks.

I have lots of dead tomato plants to dig up and then I need to see what I can plant in there next. All fun and learning!
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dropstitch said...

I thought you meant this was your entire harvest for the year and I was about to comfort you with the news that it's bigger than my annual crop! Gardening is a learning curve indeed :)

WendyCarole said...

The trouble with growing is you never quite know what will grow successfully. (Just cos it did last year doesn't mean it will this.) It can be a bit hit and miss but fun all the same.
We have had so many runner beans this year that we have had to freeze loads for the winter. But the beetroot and the garlic were really poor show.