Monday, 10 November 2014

52 books completed for 2014

I have reached my 52 books target for 2014 with a few weeks still to go. You can see all the books I have read so far on my Pinterest board.

I crossed the line with this fabulous book I got out of the library - if you love medieval settings, folklore, witchcraft and some religion all wrapped together then you will love this book!

I'm hopefully not ending my quest here - I'm up to 55 books already and I'm hoping to get to 60 by then end of the year. We'll see :)

What are you reading at the moment? Love it/hate it? Do tell me in the comments!


louisa said...

Congrats on getting through your 52 so quickly!

I've hardly read anything this year - well, not compared to my previous reading habits anyway. (I've been listening to a lot of stuff - audiobooks, podcasts and lecture series - instead.) I've just inhaled World War Z again though (which I see is one of your 52 - did you like it?) and I feel like I might need to re-read I Capture The Castle again to scare away the thoughts of those nasty undead things ;)

WendyCarole said...

Well done on reaching your target.

I read mainly detective/mystery stories. Although I do try and read a proper grown up book now and again. I have tried to keep a record this year because sometimes I don't retain much of what the story was about.

Lyn said...

I am reading Printers Devils court by Susan Hill at the moment, a spooky little book, what she does best!
Well done on reading so many, I only read in bed and fall asleep way too soon!