Saturday, 28 April 2007

Fame - well sort of!

I've had my brooch tutorial published on craftsforum in the article section and I also submitted it to craftzine I love craftzine - especially the blog because you get so many different crafts on there to give you inspiration. I've decided to make more fabric brooches but the last few were a bit simple and plain so I am going to be adding more 'bits' to them - watch this space! Oh and here's a sneaky peek of some things that will be listed on etsy soon. So go buy, buy, buy!!

Check out the cute Peter and Jane badges!

The Dorothy bag to match the Dorothy scarf already on etsy.

These will hopefully be going up onto Etsy soon as soon as I have a couple of child free minutes! Also some more cheeky chickens are nearly made (well the fabric is cut!) so again as soon as I have some child free time then I will get some made. It probably won't be for a while though as we are busy preparing for Tara's Christening next weekend......

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