Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Some clothes I've been wearing recently

I've been putting together some funky outfits recently - well I think so anyway! Here's what I wore yesterday. Remember that I am a working mum of two please!! Also ignore the cheesy grin :->

The jeans are from Asda, the shirt is vintage lace (close up below), the jumper was a gift from my mum and the brooch is vintage too.

Here's the lace shirt with a close up of the buttons - not sure yet if I am going to change them. I quite like them with the brooch.

Here's the outfit I wore today - this was taken just before I posted this so quite late at night so please ignore the hair! I have also taken off my green beads that matched the top nicely. The top has a cupcake pattern on it - I will take a close up later and post it up tomorrow.

The cupcake top is from Asda as are the jeans. White top is from Tesco and the ballet pumps were 20p from a jumble sale - score! If you make any comments please be nice!

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