Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Since I am a crafter I have decided that I should make presents for people and not buy mass produced plastic rubbish! I started this off my making some coasters for my friend Nicola but I'm not sure they went with her decor. I then made some baking sets for Anya's friends Emily and Mia. They were mentioned in this thread here. It's my friends daughter Elizabeth's birthday tomorrow and I have made her these. The pattern was a little difficult to follow - especially at one point but I'm pleased with how it's turned out. I made the bag this morning as a little extra something for her - it's a bit long but I'm sure it will be appreciated!

I'm also running the craft party that Elizabeth is having on Sunday - I'm a bit nervous as it's only the second one I've done but I'm looking forward to it too. There will be 6 girls there so it should be easy to manage (especially being a former teacher!) and I'm sure lots of fun will be had - more details after the party!!

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tambatoys said...

Very cute work,I love pokadots! thanks for commenting on my blog :)