Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Two wips

This trio of chickens are awaiting their eyes and the big ones are waiting for zips on their bums. The little one is destined to become a pincushion/paperweight once he has been stuffed with rice!

These are some alien ink blot gift tags that are half made in this photograph - as you can see I make them using each colour in turn on all 10 tags and then move onto the next colour. These are now finished and have been sent off to the lovely lady who ordered them from me! They are surprisingly time consuming as each alien is unique :)

And here is the chaos that was my kitchen table just before Anya went to school - it often is this messy minus the breakfast pots. I'm quite good at putting them away usually!


Autumn Rose Crafts said...

It all looks great, If you think thats chaos shut your eyes when visiting me please, lol sarah x

Tweed Thoughts said...

Lots of lovely creativity! The table looks quite organised to me - hehe :)

Tip Top said...

You call that a mess??!! Nah - thats tidy! Like the cup in the background!

And fab chicks too!

Jennifer Rose said...

doesn't look messy to me at all, pretty neat actually.
your tags look nice there :)

Matt said...

That's not a mess!

.. and I hope the chickens are kept in free-range conditions..! ;)