Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A few outfits

I have worn recently :)

This one was worn in Paris for the first time. I thrifted the dress and the black slip underneath while we were in America, the belt came from a charity shop somewhere and the silver shoes are from New Look.

This is all you are getting of the black and white shirt dress I got at UBC in America as the full shots are awful! This was the second dress I saw and was a bargain at $4.79 - the first dress was $79 - I didn't buy that one!

I think I wore this outfit to go to Blackpool in the week between our hols but I can't remember! The shirt was thrifted in America (see below for details) and the stripey jeans were from UBC. The plimsoles were in a £2 bag I got at the jumble sale and therefore work out at about 20p!

Details on the shirt

And the girls had to get in on the action too - they are 100% thrifted too as was Matt but he didn't want his photograph taken!

And just beacuse I love this photograph! Taken at the top of the Eiffel Tower on 6th August 2009 - our anniversary :)


Tina Peacock said...

Oh, I do love thrifty heaven, too! x

CurlyPops said...

Love the Eiffel tower shot - how sweet!

Jennifer Rose said...

the embroidery on that top is really pretty, adds a nice little touch of colour to it. nice shot of the 2 of you on the tower :)

Lori Citsay said...

I was an exchange student from the U.S. to St. John's College of Education in York in my Jr. year of college (1972--I know...I'm old!) During my time there, fellow students took me on trips to Blackpool (although it was off-season) and Paris (we didn't see any nude guys;) Your photos bring back such fond memories! Thank you!