Thursday, 18 November 2010

Our creative space

Earlier in the week the girls and I decided to make a reading area in our hallway where the trampoline used to be. The trampoline was one of those small ones and got broken at Anya's party and the space was in danger of becoming a dumping ground!

We used the cheat quilt to define the space and make somewhere comfy to sit. The girls decided they needed pillows and raided the front room!

The book box came out of the kitchen (I now have a dedicated space for the Dyson to live yeah!) and the girls used their crocheted blankets to make the space extra snuggly. I'm going to hunt round to see if I have a spare lamp somewhere so that I don't have to leave the hall light on all the time and I need to make a dead dog (draught excluder to you!) for the hall door as a draught comes through. I might upgrade the book box too at some stage but we will see :)

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willywagtail said...

A special reading/snuggling spot sounds great. I am sure lots of fun will be had there. Cherrie

june at noon said...

It looks very cozy. You definitely need a little matching fabric box for your books now. :)

Mrs Scoops said...

Wow what a good mum you it !!!! A cosy inviting warm snuggle area to share a inviting, the perfect way to get your children wanting to share a book xxx PERFECT xx