Thursday, 6 January 2011

Camp blanket

Were any of you Girl Guides (or non UK equivalents?) If so did you have things called camp blankets for use when you sat around the campfire singing? This is what my mums looks like. Note the hole for your head at the top.

It was tradition to sew on badges that were significant (others were allowed too!) We went on various camps and got badges from them.

I say looks like and I should have said looked like. My mum gave it to me as she knew I was looking for badges for my own blanket (without the hole for your head) I've taken the badges off this one and have a pile ready for my own blanket. I took them off carefully so that I can reuse the blankets - I know what I want to use them for so keep watching although it may take a while :)


Tracy said...

hi i 've still got my camp blanket its plain grey with a blanket stitch edging and has my brownie and gudie badges on it, can't bear to throw it out!!

Giulia Viggiani said...

Hi, you no the song "on my honor" for sure. Can you write me it? I'v the mp3 but I don't understand some words. Thanks!

Jo said...

My sister and I both had camp blankets (despite the fact I'm fairly sure I never went on guide camp!) Mine got moth eaten, but I still have all the badges in a box somewhere. Maybe we'll make a new version one day!

Anna said...

I had a camp blanket! It was bright yellow. I wonder what happened to it.