Wednesday, 16 February 2011

On my desk today

Some gorgeous fabric cut into hearts waiting to be sewn and stuffed with lavender and teeny scraps of fabric.

A bag of fabric scraps waiting to be chopped up into teeny pieces for stuffing the hearts. It is sitting on a nice pile of cardboard that is waiting to be turned into tag backs!

And in a complete Blue Peter moment - here are some I made earlier!

I have a lovely swatch card from paper-and-string so I can get round to choosing some felt colours for an idea I have!

They were also having a deco tape sale so I grabbed some for me and did you know that Santa also shops there? Apparently he bought some tape for the girls stockings. He likes to be organised that Santa!

And of course no desk would be complete without a stuffed cow called Moo-ey!


Silly Old Bear Crafts said...

That's a lot of fabric scraps. What is deco tape used for?

Vintage from the Village said...

Thanks for the link to the tape company, I just popped over and ordered lots !
I love to brighten up my Ebay parcels !
Sue x

june at noon said...

I've got a bag of lavender just like that! :)

The tape looks great.