Sunday, 27 February 2011

Featured on Flickr!

I love Flickr and think it is a great tool for having your work seen by lots of lots of people. There is a feature over there called Galleries and I came back from holiday to find that my work had been featured in 3 galleries :)

Gallery one - Gene the button chicken is off to the right at the top and how cool is that Button Bouquet?

Gallery two - my ever popular Cheeky Chicken gift tags are included in this one.

Gallery three - my Emil gift tags are featured here but they have since sold as part of the big wholesale order I completed last week.

And the bonus part of being featured in these galleries apart from new people finding me? The names of the galleries are Button Goodness, Upcycling...Trash into Useful Items and Recycled Crafts. Just the market I want to get myself into so its great that people are finding my work this way!

Oh and by the way - we have just come back from the huge jumble sale in my home town (£3 per black bag that you can fill with as much stuff as you like!!!) so be expecting a few posts over the week about the goodies we got!

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dropstitch said...

In that case, you should also be pleased with the mini mention you got over on my blog. You are indeed building a wee reputation for yourself as the go-to girl for upcycling :)