Monday, 20 June 2011

Picture diary of the new (nearly) sorted craft room!


The before picture of that side of the room - a never used desk piled with crap.

The cleared desk which now has a home in Anya's room.

All gone! Note the crap on the back of the door is still there!

Crap from door gone - white chest of drawers in it's place :) I got these drawers at Ikea in the bargain corner as the top drawer is missing. Not a problem as it is now filled with small boxes full of pens, paper etc. This is where the drawers were going to be but we shuffled furniture around a lot of Friday and Saturday!

I'm pleased that the bottom drawer is large enough to hold my flowery wallpaper samples that will one day become a patchwork wall in our bedroom :D

Then my thin drawers were going to move home (due to the stock boxes moving up from the dining room) However, in the end they don't end up there!

The 'missing drawer' drawers are on wheels so they are perfect to go in front of the door leading to the eaves storage. We rarely go in there so extra space is always good for me! The stock boxes are in their new home on the right behind the cushion.

Ta da! The new shelves :) They may look wonky but they aren't as I checked and double checked each one with a spirit level as it went in. It's probably the floor that is wonky knowing this house :)

I have been sorting everything in the craft room (and there is still quite a bit to go through) but can you see that gap on the fabric shelves?? I can't quite believe how much fabric I have got rid of! I even went through my scrap basket and two large boxes and got rid of a whole load more that is just the wrong kind of fabric for my business cards.

The shelves full! This is the top of the shelves.

This is the middle (note gaps on some shelves!)

And this is the bottom. The stuff on the white drawers to the right isn't staying there and I'm not sure if I am keeping both cushions. But apart from a bit of tidying, that end of the room is done*

We'll say nothing about the other end of the room shall we? :D

*and apart from a few bags and boxes of stuff to sort and a few things to move up from downstairs, the craft room is done! I am pleased to have done it so quickly and hopefully in a day or two I can show you more pictures (there may even be a video of the room too!)


CurlyPops said...

Gosh if you didn't live half a world away I'd get you over to organise my mess too!

Girl_Industries said...

What a difference! Wonderful!

Twiggy said...

Blimey, will you come and sort out my spare room please ??
Twiggy x

Tip Top said...

Wow! And I've also been tidying - come and marvel at my dining room table!!! And yes - it was there all along!

Jennifer Rose said...

want to organize my desk? lol, much smaller than a room :p
you did such a great job with the room :D

WendyCarole said...

its all looking lovely

Wychbury said...

Oh my goodness Lynsey - what are we like?? We have such lovely spaces and we just trash them without a care! I shall follow your progress with interest - mainly as a motivational aid for myself - that's outstanding work your doing! I'm a bit jealous of your headroom! My room is a conversion and at 5'9" there's only a narrow bit down the middle of my roof where I can walk about! big love pxxx

noodleBubble said...

Also been having a crafty tidy - it has stalled and I have moved onto the kitchen table (again)

V enviable!